MaxAir Fins Reviews

MaxAirTM Reviews

We are just getting started with open sea trials so watch this space for more reviews as they come in. 

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2018 DEMA Member
5/17/17 - Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

Nick called them, "really great." Zack said, "It wasn't stressful on my feet. I could move my feet really easily. It made it a faster swim.  I could go further down."  He had, "a real good time with these."  They want to tell everyone about them.

Nick McKinney and Zack Needs - Frequent divers at Blue Grotto, They are both certified divers but I didn't get their credentials.

5/1/17 - Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

He was skeptical about them, because he normally uses long carbon fiber blades, until he entered the water where he found they had "actual power."  He said, "I would have definitely lost that bet."  Within 5 minutes he was dialed in and was, "impressed with their power."  He dinged them for having an open foot pocket but we are working on that.  Overall he said he was, "pretty shocked, pretty awesome how well they did."

Forrest Simon - A 28 year dive veteran and PADI free diving instructor
3/1/17 - Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

"It felt like we didn't have anything on our feet."  Jeremy's knee, damaged from dirt biking, usually limits the number of dives he can do in a day but not this day.  He doubled the number of dives he can do without pain.  They, "can't wait to get a set."

Jeremy and Krysta Kern from Oviedo FL are Advanced Divers and dive as much as they can when he is not piloting corporate jets.
3/1/17 - Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

"It felt as as though I didn't have anything on my feet." " I found them to be surprisingly powerful."  "Generate maximum speed very quickly." "I'm impressed. It appears to be a great product."

Greg Barlow, former Science Editor for Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine has been diving since 1975.

6/24/16 - Pennyroyal SCUBA, KY

After free diving with the fins for a few minutes he thinks they dolphin kick incredibly.  He tried classic frog kicking but that did not work as well.  [We have since found a slight modification of the frog kick is very powerful and easier.] He felt they were "eficient" but wanted to get some more time with them.

Alan Warf - The Operations Manager and Instructor at Pennyroyal SCUBA in Hopkinsville  KY, retired Navy deep sea diver with 28 years experience, and has tried every fin on the market. 

6/24/16 - Pennyroyal SCUBA, KY

"They would be great for wreck diving. They cause very little kick up with debris." "Maneuverability was great going through the boats..."

Michael Lewis - is a NAUI Advanced Diver from Radcliff, KY
6/24/16 - Pennyroyal SCUBA, KY

"They are very good at coasting and easy on the legs." "Good mobility through the wrecks."  "Kick-up was minimal.  You could literally be inches from the bottom and very little kick-up."

Joe Lewis - is a SSI Advanced Diver from Radcliff, KY

5/6/16 - Sea Experience, Ft Lauderdale FL

"They’re basically effortless."  "And the propulsion is awesome."  "The first thing I noticed when I jumped in the water – I thought I’d lost the fins ‘cause the things are so light that you don’t even know they’re on."

Dr. Hoad Harris, a Master Diver from Fargo, ND (normally uses a ScubaPro Jet fin)

5/6/16 - Sea Experience, Ft Lauderdale FL

"I don’t have the tired legs I usually have."  "When I was in the water, sometimes I had to look to see if I still had the fin on.  It just doesn’t seem like you have them on."  "You don’t have to kick as much either to keep up."

Frank M. Janke,  Sarasota, FL

5/5/16 - Sea Experience, Ft Lauderdale FL

"They’re great. Super efficient." "Loved the fins. They’re better than my Tusas, so I’d recommend them to anybody."

Ryan Hancock, 2 year diver from Salt Lake City, UT (normally uses Tusa X-Stream)

5/4/16 - Sea Experience, Ft Lauderdale FL

"The benefit was they do make you go faster under water whether you are using a frog kick or the standard dive kick." "The speed on it was really nice." "actually liked them very much."  

Nichole Kerle, Master Diver in Training, Retired US Army Major (Thanks for your service) 

5/5/16 - Sea Experience, Ft Lauderdale FL

"Very good, light weight.  Good power in the kick.  I usually use split fins. There’s a remarkable difference in power with the same effort."

James Griffiths, Orlando, FL (usually uses split fins)


3/18/2016 - Blue Grotto FL

"They gave me a lot of propulsion with little resist on the up kick."  "they’re awesome. - can’t wait till they come on the market." "And they look cool."

George Roman, Dive Ventures SCUBA in Tampa FL, PADI IDC student. (usually uses Mares Avanti X3)

3/17/2016 -  Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

Keith Nichols, a rescue diver from Pink Ink SCUBA in Tamassee SC thinks their frog kicking is awesome. 

3/18/2016 -  Blue Grotto, Williston, FL

Matt liked the MaxAir fin over his Mares Avanti fins.  Listen to what this diver with over 21 years of diving under his belt has to say.


Feeling the FINERGY in Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale Demo Days - We got a lot of happy faces when divers were surprised with the opportunity to try MaxAir fins. Most were amazed at the easy power the fins have.



"They were easier to use," and require, "less effort" than her Cressi paddle fins.

Justyna, Fernandina Beach FL, two years of snorkeling and free diving.


SeaJay Bayne

"Of all the fins that I have tried - and it's been virtually every design on the market - the MaxAir is by far the most efficient.  It felt like I was in a 'higher gear' than with other advanced-design fins.  I was able to achieve the same speeds as any other fin, but do so much more easily and with less effort.  Clearly this fin could reduce a diver's air consumption dramatically, resulting in longer bottom times and much more enjoyment - especially at average 'sightseeing' finning speeds."

SeaJay Bayne, three-decade veteran and full time commercial diver with over 10,000 hours of bottom time.


"I like them. They are really good fins. I guarantee they are good fins"

Orlando Thomas - Professional Divemaster of 27 years from Divi Diver at Divi Flamingo, Bonaire



"They go faster than most. ...when I normally swim with them I do the dolphin kick or the regular kick they really went way fast. It's a lot better for my legs. When you do a regular fin kick they're a lot less strenuous on your knee... Especially, you know, the knee stuff. That's an improvement to the regular fins. doesn't feel like your kicking so you use less energy. So you can stay longer. ...for the straight kick they're a lot better than that and especially less strenuous on your leg. So probably use up less energy so in the end if you do normal swim you will also use less air. So That's good."

Ruud Janssen - Professional Divemaster of 5.5 years with over 2,000 dives from Divi Diver at Divi Flamingo, Bonaire



"At first I thought they were broken because there was so little resistance but then I realized I was moving great."

Jay - Dive Instructor at Crystal River, FL


"These fins rock!"

Chris - Diver at Crystal River, FL


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