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SCUBA divers and snorklers can now  look forward to extending their dive time by using the MaxAir swim fin.

Using real aerodynamics and Commputer Aided Design we have made a swim fin which moves your through trhe water with minimal effort.  Testing completed on 10/14/2011 has shown this fin to be between 11% and 17% more air efficient than the most efficient commercially available recreational swim fin.  Since then we have achieved improvements up to 50% better than the state of the art.  We are still making improvements.

These are working prototypes and not available for sale.  If you want a pair talk to your dive supplier and get them to let the manufacturers know they could be making more money selling more efficient fins like these.  We will then work with them to make these mainstream.

Check out our Gallery to see what we have been up to.

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What is Crowd Funding?

Crowd Funding is where folks such us present a project to the general public and ask for financial assistance to make it happen.  Folks like you that feel the project should be supported but do not want to through away money look at the rewards for sponsorship and choose a level with which you are comfortable.  You then pledge a fixed amount and expect a specific reward.  The transaction takes place with a neutral party using your credit card.  No charge is made to your credit card unless the fundraising goal is attained within the specified time period (1 to 3 months).  If the goal is met your card is charged and the recipient of the funds is expected to deliver the reward in a specified time.

As an example, we are expecting to need to raise $300,000 to build the tooling for making real fins and produce 1500 pairs.  A typical reward would be one pair of fins for a $200 contribution.  It would be expected they could be delivered within 6 months of the end of the crowd funding event.

To get an idea of how it all works take a look at

What is MaxAir all about?

  Learn why you are missing out by using conventional fins.   Here we have some open water testing showing the benefits of the MaxAir Fin.


Click on the image above for details.


This product is covered under US patents  8,480,466 and 8,926,385.  Manufacturers interested in licensing this may download theMaxAir sell sheet

Vote With Your Voice

To encourage major dive manufactures to bring these to the market let them know you want them.  Here are email links for some of the big manfacturers.  Just click on the link of your favorate manufacturer and let them know you want real efficiency.  Here is some sample text which will automatically be placed in your email to help them understand your request, but please tell them your own thoughts.

 Dear Sirs,

I saw these MaxAir swim fins on the internet at and would love to have really efficient fins like these.  Please contact TECreation and license their amazing, patented technology today.



Dive Manufacturers

AquaLung/US Divers (phone)

Cressi (email)

Mares (email)

Oceanic (email)

Scubapro (online form in new window)

Tusa (email)


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