TECreation Development, LLC

Services We Can Provide

TECreation develops ideas into items that help us in everyday life. Through the creative process of research prototyping and testing we convert ideas to actual products.  If you have a problem we can help you find a solution.  If you have an idea we can help make it into a reality.

Patented Products:

  • Dryak - a drip collector for kayak paddles US pat. 7,396,266
  • Swim Fin - The worlds most efficient recreational swim fin US Pats. 8,480,446 and 8,926,385

Key Software in Use:

  • Alibre Design - 3D parametric modeling
  • AutoCAD - 2D and 3D modeling
  • Autodesk Land Development Desktop - AutoCAD based Civil Engineering Design.
  • Autodesk Civil 3D - AutoCAD based 3D Civil Engineering Design
  • SolidWorks - 3D parametric modeling

Fabricating Facilities:

Full Woodworking Shop

  • 14" bandsaw
  • 10" radial saw
  • 10" table saw
  • 6" jointer
  • 12" wood lathe

Variable speed bench drill press with cross feed table

Soft Metal Working Shop

  • 4" metal lathe

Plastics Casting Lab

  • Vacuum chamber
  • 5 gallon pressure pot
  • 15 gallon pressure pot




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